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Restaurant Wine Tip As you know, when you order a glass of wine, the restaurant fills the wine to the top of the glass. Well, that makes it almost impossible to swirl the wine. Without swirling, the wine doesn't open up and aerate. Therefore, the wine will not smell and taste as good. A full glass of wine devalues the wine and enjoyment of the wine.

The ideal level in the glass is the half full level, or where the wine glass is at its widest. So here is the tip: simply order two half glasses. A good restaurant will not balk at that request. In fact, they will likely be impressed. Simply state that you would like the glass of wine you ordered to be placed in two half full glasses so you can properly aerate (swirl to oxygenate) the wine. Don't try to pour a full glass into an empty glass; it gets messy. Let the restaurant fill the two half glasses for you. The nice part about this tip is that most of the time you get more wine, because they tend to fill it more than half way! Don't get frustrated when you forget this tip right AFTER you just received a full glass of wine. 

Wilson Creek wines are currently being served at the following local restaurants:

Gourmet Italia
Spuntino - The Bar Next Door
Temeku Grill, Inc.
The Vineyard Rose at South Coast Winery Resort & Spa
Lukes on Front
Vue Grill & Bar
Zagara Italian Eatery

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