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Chillin' Wine 101...

Chillin' Wine 101 Quick Tip...
What really is the best way to chill a bottle of wine or champagne (or even beer!)? I have noticed many people do it incorrectly and then get frustrated because their wine did not chill quickly enough. So when those friends drop by and you want to quickly chill a bottle, what is the best way?

Here are four methods:

  1. Bottle on ice
  2. Bottle in ice
  3. Bottles in ice and water

What do you think is the best method? What is the most widely used method?
The most common one is #1. Most people chill a bottle by putting it on ice and then trying to push it down into the ice, i.e. starting with method #1 and forcing it to #2. Pretty difficult isn't it? That bottle just does not want to go down into the ice, unless you have a large cooler of ice. If you do force that bottle into the ice, why does it seem to take forever to chill? Well, the more surface area of a bottle that is touched by cold the better. Try this tip: add one part water to two parts ice. Now the bottle slides into the ice beautifully, and the bottle chills MUCH more quickly. Even at a restaurant, when you order a bottle and you want it iced, ask for some water in the ice (most high end restaurants probably will do it anyway, but why not make sure). 

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