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Wilson Creek Winery's Military Story & Labels

It all started when the Executive Officer of the Constellation visited Wilson Creek in 2002.  He fell in love with our wine and wanted us to do a “Captains Private Reserve” for the Captain and officers on board the carrier to hand out to dignitaries when visiting foreign ports.  In a matter of months Wilson Creek delivered 80 cases of beautifully custom labeled wine.

By way of saying “thank you” to the Wilsons, the captain invited the family to visit and stay on board the Constellation.  The Wilsons flew onto the carrier in a Navy plane during full practice operations off the coast of Catalina.  The trap landing is quite a rush: decelerating from 130mph to 0 in 2 seconds!

Word had spread quickly. The Captain of the Constellation gave a bottle to the other nuclear carrier in Coronado; the John Stennis. Shortly thereafter we received orders from the John Stennis, Nimitz, Kinkaid,  Fitzgerald, Truman, as well as the maiden deployment of the  Reagan.

To date Wilson Creek has provided our private labeled wine to 7 aircraft carriers, 5 destroyers, and over 20 other military units.  Our wine has been handed out to a French Admiral, Australian Dignitaries, the Governor of Tasmania, and was taken on board the USS Stannis as they steamed into Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

The captain of the  Stennis stated “It was wonderful handing out a premium wine and label that represented our ship with class. The captain of the French Nuclear Aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, especially liked the wine!"


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Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards - Military Wine Label Examples

Aircraft Carriers


USS Nimitz USS Roosevelt USS Kinkaid
USS Ronald Reagan USS Harry S. Truman  
 USS Peleliu  USS Stennis  

The products made and sold by Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards to any branch of the United States government or United States Armed Forces are sold exclusively to those entities and not available under any circumstance for sale to the public. The United States government and the United States Armed Forces are in no way related to Wilson Creek Winery & Vineyards nor has it endorsed Wilson Creek Winery  & Vineyards or the products is sells.

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